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The fundamental philosophy behind the CoVis Project is to help kids learn science by doing projects, as opposed to the traditional learning out of textbooks. Part of this includes the integration of new and innovative technologies (like the Internet) into the classroom. To do this, we have developed two project units which provide teachers with a vehicle for using the Internet in a meaningful way to help kids learn science.

Last Update: 08/01/97
SuperStorm '93
This project investigates key weather processes and phenomena associated with a potent winter storm.

Trusting the Forecast
This project provides students with first hand experience in weather forecasting and all the issues a meteorologist must consider when issuing a forecast.

Two projects have been constructed, a Case Study of SuperStorm '93, a famous midlatitude cyclone that paralyzed the eastern third of the United States in March of 1993, and Trusting the Forecast, where students actually make forecasts on a regular basis to gain a full appreciation for all the preparation involved in making an accurate forecast. These units have been designed to take up to three weeks of class time in order to complete.

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Projects, Activities
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SuperStorm '93