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Trusting the Forecast
learning the art of weather forecasting

[Image: tree fallen upon a house (84K)]
Image by McGhiey

Accurate forecasting is serious business. People depend upon it.

Ever wonder why weather forecasts seem to be inaccurate so often? To best appreciate how difficult it is to predict the weather is to begin making forecasts. This project gives you the opportunity to do just that. By accessing an assortment of images and data, you'll be asked to forecast on a regular basis and determine the accuracy of the forecasts by comparing them with the actual observed data. Students will also complete specially constructed activities that introduce forecasting techniques meteorologists use to improve their accuracy.

Trusting the Forecast:

For Teachers:
Start Up Activity:
Part I:
Part II:
Project Handbook
Start Up Activity
Culminating Project
Presenting your Results
Contacting a Meteorologist

SuperStorm '93
Terms for using data resources. CD-ROM available.
Credits and Acknowledgments for WW2010.
Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) at
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

project handbook