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Eyewitness Log from Shaker Heights, Ohio
November 9-14, 1996 in the Great Lakes

DAY 1 - Saturday November 9, 1996 (All times EST, Shaker Hts., Ohio)

7:15 	34 F - light rain
7:33  	BIG snowflakes - snow shower not sticking - 33F
7:42  	Flakes not as large - steady moderate snowfall - 33F
        snow sticking to cars and grass
8:02 	32F Dusting on ground light snowfall drizzle starting again
8:05 	32F light snow flakes that are definitely getting bigger
8:10 	32F Brighter light -Phew - snow has almost stopped - can get
        Lisa to airport 8:21am  Barely snowing
8:30 	Light mix of slop - snow and rain mix
8:35 	Fluffy flakes - light to moderate rate
9:00 	Left home to go to airport - about .75 " on ground
        As we drove across 480 East to West - snowfall got more
        intense - almost a whiteout at big bridge and just beyond -
        thought Lisa was staying then it steadily slowed down and
        became more rain than snow and ground was no longer white
        like it was at bridge - at airport - just icey drizzle
        In Strongsville on west side - about 9:45 light dusting on
        the ground - light mix of rain and snow.
11:00	definitely snowing - ground getting white again
12:00	Shaker Hts.snow has melted  - 33F - light snow shower
	medium flake
12:50	Steady fluffy snowfall moderate rate 32.5F No wind  Ground
	getting covered
14:10	A bit lighter rate - more of a snow shower -bright light
	Total at this point - 2 1/16" very wet snow no wind
14:40 	very light snowfall
16:40 	2 1/4" - light snowfall
18:00	getting heavier - went to a wedding [about 5 miles west] -
	sat by a window - watched it snow steadily and fairly hard all
	evening - didn't appear to be any wind.
23:30 	7.5 " down - coming down so hard it's hard to keep second car
	windshield clear long enough to back it into garage - the
	car was really bogged down in this mushy stuff Trees are
	 broken everywhere and in the streets - Looks bad in the backyard
	- bushes are all crushed to the ground - spent 1 hour trying
	to beat off the snow but it was exhausting work - TV news
	says power failures everywhere.

DAY TWO - Sunday, 11/10/96
07:45	a total of 11" on grill - sunny and 28F TREMENDOUS TREE DAMAGE
	beautiful sunny day all day - went to Kent, Ohio [about 20
	miles south and east] - looks like they had about 8"
19:00	CLEANED OFF GRILL  29F Snow starts again
19:30 	29F - Snow getting moderately heavy
19:35 	Light snow
20:10 	29 F - Snow shower - mod. heavy rate
20:25 	Heavy snow - .75" on grill
21:00 	I think we hit the Major dump  stage
22:00 	Windy, Heavy snowfall -LIGHTNING AND THUNDER (My brother said
	if this happens we've had it and kids can plan on staying home 
	- within seconds the entire hockey team gets this news and
	celebrates! ---4" on grill now - left it there

DAY THREE - Monday, 11/11/97

6:30	very heavy snow and wind - all schools closed (poor kids)  - 28F
	snow is now granular - 9" on grill
8:30	27F - lightening and thunder - flurries
8:40	An Angled moderately heavy snow wind appears to be blowing west to
	east - small somewhat granular flake (less granular than earlier)
9:00	Thunder - very light snow - 10.75 " on grill
9:05 	The return of fluffy moderate flakes
9:30 	Very bright - light snow
9:35	Mod snowfall
11:30	12" on grill - moderate snowfall - brightish skies, quiet
13:15	Heavy squalls - almost a whiteout on the way to Van Aken
	(about 2 miles west and south) going on Warrensville South -
	then at [Van Aken]  center not really snowing and could
	see blue sky to the south - Whoa!
13:45	Home - Squalls - and dark
14:00	Heavy snow  - now have 14" on the grill - went to Euclid (guess
	the hockey coach doesn't know its so bad here) - only about 6-8"
	on ground in Euclid
19:25	27 F - Many squalls - 17" on grill - horrendous by lost nation
	coming back from Euclid - really weird - not snowing at all in
	Euclid - barely got on Richmond and it started lightly - 
	by Lost Nation - total whiteout which lasted until Mayfield Road
	then just heavy snow until home.
20:00	Per brotherUs orders - cleaned off grill to start again fresh
	tomorrow - kids celebrating and passing news of my brother  all
	over the East side - keep getting calls asking if he has made
	his call for whether school will close tomorrow - I said he had.
21:20	Lightening and thunder again - I wanted kids to come in  - 
	Heavy fluffy snow - only a trace on grill
22:20	3.5" on grill - For Real - As I type this, I realize that it snowed
	3.5" in 1 hour - no wonder we felt overwhelmed.

DAY FOUR - Tuesday, 11/12/96

07:00	23F - 8.5" - Not snowing
11:20	27F - Now have 11" on grill - still snowing
15:10	15" on grill - bright, hazy sun - dark over the lake
22:05	snowing - CLEANED OFF GRILL

DAY FIVE - Wedesday, 11/13/96

07:08	gray skies/ quiet - 23F Trace of snow on grill from last night
22:15	Quiet and sunny most of day - temp 23F

DAY SIX - Thursday, 11/14/96

11/14/96	3" new on grill  large trees still toppling

DAY SEVEN - Friday, 11/15/96. It's definitely over!!!!! - gutter came down last night - 15F in morning - sunny. Heard official count was 50" for Shaker -(I got 48 - not bad) - and 68" in Chardon Whoopeeeeeee - Glad It's over - now it melts and we call the roofer, the tree surgeon, and most importantly - THE INSURANCE COMPANY!!!! LOVE, THE SNOW SPOTTER IN SHAKER YOUR SISTER, LORRA

Shaker Hts, Ohio
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