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About WW2010
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From The Developers...

So, what is WW2010? WW2010 is an all new comprehensive earth sciences related web site under development at the University of Illinois. It features current weather data and detailed explanatory/instructional material as well as curricular materials, archived products and case studies. It employs the latest in WWW technology to deliver a large content database.

Overview of WW2010 Features
a project summary

Weather Products:

  • An extensive collection of high quality traditional products.
  • New and unique products (like isentropic maps, forecast model comparison panels, etc.).
  • Customized color tables allowing the most important features to easily stand out.
  • Data up to several weeks old is maintained online.

Helper Sections:

  • For each available product, there is a corresponding helper page to introduce the product, the fields displayed and how to interpret them.
  • Key words are hyperlinked to relevant concept helpers that provide brief yet informative explanations about fundamental topics in earth sciences.
  • Links from helper sections to the online guides provide the user with the option to investigate a given topic in greater detail if so desired.

The Online Guides:

  • Multimedia instructional modules covering a variety of topics in the earth sciences (from fronts to El Niño, from ozone to hydrology).
  • Selected pages linked to relevant online activities and curriculum for use in the classroom.

Core Technologies:

  • Efficient Navigation:
    Easy to use and consistent navigation system allowing users to move between any one of hundreds of pages with only a few clicks and return easily.
  • Automated Layout:
    Each page is formatted and the links to the navigation menu system are maintained automatically. Server appearance can be globally changed in seconds.
  • Multiple Formats:
    Pages can be displayed in both high and low graphics modes and with or without Java enhancement to accommodate a variety of user network and hardware capabilities.
  • Java Viewing Tools:
    Image products can be displayed in a Java-based viewing tool that offers user selectable overlays, looping and the ability to probe and display the actual data value at the location under the cursor.
  • Personal Service:
    The server can distinguish between individual sessions through the use of cookies, allowing it to do things like remember a user's place in any subsection, customize server appearance and set up personal collections of products.
  • Educational CD-ROM:
    Static portions of server, such as instructional materials and archived data, can also be easily replicated and run off of CD-ROM...ideal for classroom use.

For additional information contact: ww2010@atmos.uiuc.edu

About WW2010
Terms for using data resources. CD-ROM available.
Credits and Acknowledgments for WW2010.
Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) at
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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