Archived Case Study Data
memorable weather events

Welcome to the WW2010 Archives. The first stage of development includes a growing library of data and products from memorable weather events. Each case contains archived data: satellite images, surface images, NEXRAD (when available), plus some additional explanatory resources to aid with the interpretation of the weather images.

Key words of archive pages are linked to explanatory helper sections that are useful not only for interpreting the images, but also for understanding important topics in meteorology. For this first edition, only the case studies are available, however, as the current weather products come online, this will be the source for accessing archived images from 1 hour old up to six weeks old for each and every product.

Case Studies Veteran's Day Snowstorm
(11/09/96) - Almost 70 inches of snow fell in regions of Northeast Ohio over the course of 6 days. Contains: archived surface and upper-air data, personal photographs, weather journals, plus a detailed explanation of the storm's character throughout its lifetime.

April 19th Tornado Outbreak
(4/19/96) - 33 tornadoes touched down across Illinois. Contains: archived data (including NEXRADs), hook echo and velocity couplet close-ups, images from local storm interceptors, damage photographs plus a tutorial detailing pre-storm conditions.

SuperStorm '93
(3/12/93) - Tornadoes in Florida, heavy snow from Alabama to New York, record cold, winds, low pressure readings and snowfall totals. Contains: archived satellite and surface data, detailed storm history, plus case study curriculum for student projects.

Hurricane Andrew
175 mph winds, $20 billion in property damage, more than 60 people killed. Contains: archived satellite and surface data plus summary of storm events.

Terms for using data resources. CD-ROM available.
Credits and Acknowledgments for WW2010.
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