GOES Sounder
radiometer for producing atmospheric vertical profiles

The GOES Sounder is a 19-channel discrete-filter radiometer covering the spectral range from the visible channel wavelengths to 15 microns. It is designed to provide data from which atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, surface and cloud-top temperatures and pressures, and ozone distribution can be deduced by mathematical analysis.

GOES Mission Overview

It operates independently of and simultaneously with the Imager, using a similarly flexible scanning system. The sounder's multi-element detector array assemblies simultaneously sample four separate fields or atmospheric columns. A rotating filter wheel, which brings spectral filters into the optical path of the detector array, provides the infrared channel definition.

Image provided by: GOES-8 Results (NASA Goddard)

Above is a collection images from sounder data of the midwestern United States on 28 July 1994 at 0630 UTC, as viewed through the various sounder channels.

Text Provided By: GOES Mission Overview

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