Developing Along Outflow Boundaries
from previous thunderstorms

HP supercells frequently have been observed to develop or intensify as they moved parallel to and along a stationary outflow boundary from previous thunderstorms. This is a northward view of such an outflow boundary, with several large thunderstorms in the distant and extreme right side of the photo moving away from our position. Note the long shelf cloud that has been left behind the storms and along the boundary.

Photograph by: Doswell

Looking southwest along the same outflow boundary, observe the distant thunderstorm at the end of the outflow line, with the Cb tower and anvil visible on the left hand side of the photo.

Photograph by: Doswell

A multiple-vortex tornado had just dissipated from beneath this distant updraft, and an opaque precipitation shaft was developing in the previously rain-free area where the tornado occurred.

flow field
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