Panoramic Pictures of Ogden, IL
photos and captions by Norene McGhiey

Image by: McGhiey

Home of Roger and Angela Bensyl (on right) at corner of Main Street and Route 49. The couple and their 15-month old son weathered the storm in the crawlspace. The Ogden Christian Church is in the background.

Image by: McGhiey

Looking west down Main Street. Smoke from burning debris can be seen in the background.

Image by: McGhiey

Signature image of the Ogden storm: toppled grain bins beneath the water tower (the base of which can be seen behind the damaged First National Bank of Ogden). Bins landed on the south end of the bank and near the back wall of the building. Sadler Feed Mill is in the background.

According to the President of the First National Bank of Ogden, the empty silos held 190,000 bushels of grain. The bank will be demolished because the building was shoved a foot beyond its foundation, and the end of the building opposite the collapsed bin was bowed outward. They are conducting business from a trailer in the parking lot of the Ogden Family Restaurant.

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