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In "text" mode, if an inline image is too large, a text link to that image will be inserted in its place.

Inline Images
images or text links to images

For inline images (not including navigation menus), WW2010 will automatically download inline images in "graphics" mode...

while in "text" mode, WW2010 will download either the image itself or a text link to that image (below). Whenever a text link is inserted, a brief description about the image and its size is given.

WW2010 recognizes how large an image is and from this information either inserts the image itself or a text link to it. For example, we can customize WW2010 to download the image directly if the image is 15K or less. If the image is larger than 15K, a text link to the image is inserted instead. So go ahead, switch graphics modes of this page ("User Interface" menu on the left) and see what happens to the image above.

The threshold value can be changed to 10K or 50K, and then automatically updated throughout the server in minutes. In addition, this feature is not constrained to images only, but can also be applied to animations, audio, video, whatever if need be.

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