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For each available image, there is a corresponding helper page that "helps" the user interpret the weather data. Helper pages serve as the bridge between the weather products and the in depth explanations provided by the instructional modules.

Product Helpers
describing image products

Product helpers are usually accessible from the same location where the image is accessed. Their purpose is to introduce each product, fields displayed and how to interpret them. In addition, key words within the helper text are hyperlinked to further explanatory materials describing important topics relevant to that particular image. An example product helper has been given below for the surface temperature

-- Begin Helper --

"This is the surface temperature panel.

Surface temperature reported at each station are contoured every five degrees Fahrenheit. Areas of warm and hot temperatures are depicted by orange and red colors and cold temperatures (below freezing) are shaded blue and purple. Areas of sharp temperature gradients (several contours close to each other) tend to be associated with the position of surface fronts. Fronts separate airmasses of different temperature and moisture (and therefore density) characteristics."

-- End Helper --

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