Wind Barbs
determining wind speed

Wind speed is given here in the units of "knots" (knt). A "Knot" is a nautical mile per hour.

1 Knot = 1.15 Miles Per Hour (MPH)

1 Knot = 1.9 Kilometers Per Hour (KM/HR)

Each short barb represents 5 knots, each long barb 10 knots. A long barb and a short barb is 15 knots, simply by adding the value of each barb together (10 knots + 5 knots = 15 knots). If only a station circle is plotted, the winds are calm.

Pennants are 50 knots. Therefore, the last wind example in the chart below has a wind speed of 65 knots. (50 knots + 10 knots + 5 knots).

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