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acknowledgment of resources referenced

We would like to acknowledge our referencing the following Internet resources during the construction of various sections of WW2010.

American Red Cross - Hurricane evacuation information.

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms - Severe storms forecasting information.

CPC ENSO Main Page - Selected El Niño occurrence information was referenced from this site.

DMSP Homepage - Selected polar orbiter images from DMSP

DMSP at NGDC - Selected text from the DMSP at NGDC.

Globe Visualizations - Student contour visualizations from the Globe Project.

GOES Hot Stuff - A list of brief captions for a scrapbook of GOES weather satellite pictures collected by the GOES Project Scientist at NASA.

GOES-I/M Brochure (NASA) - Image of current GOES design.

GOES Mission Overview - Selected text and images from GOES project.

GOES Server (NOAA-NESDIS) - Selected images taken from NOAA-NESDIS

GOES-8 Tutorial (NOAA-NESDIS RAMM) - Selected image from NOAA-NESDIS

GOES Project Science (NASA Goddard) - Images from GOES-8 satellite.

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Ann Arbor, MI - Selected Lake Erie images provided by GLERL.

National Center for Environmental Prediction - Climate Modeling Branch at NCEP.

National Climatic Data Center - Selected image of polar orbiter NCDC.

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS).

NOAA Polar Orbiter Data User's Guide - Selected text from POD User's Guide.

NOAA Satellite Active Archive - Images from NOAA satellites.

National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center - images of swollen rivers from the 1997 Northern Plains flooding.

National Weather Service Chicago, IL - Selected radar images provided by the NWS Chicago, FL.

National Weather Service Cleveland, OH - Selected text provided by the NWS Cleveland, OH.

National Weather Service Marquette, MI - Selected text provided by the NWS Marquette, MI.

National Weather Service Tallahassee, FL - Selected radar images provided by the NWS Tallahassee, FL.

Northwest River Forecast Center - monthly and annual total precipitation images.

Satellite Coverages and Orbits (NCAR) - Images of satellite orbits and views.

Office of Satellite Data and Processing and Distribution - Selected images taken from OSDPD.

Operational Significant Event Imagery - Selected images taken from OSEI.

Space Science and Engineering Center (UW Madison) - Selected text from SSEC.

Space Science News - Selected images taken from this NASA publication.

Tropical Prediction Center - data, forecasts and hurricane information. (Formerly National Hurricane Center)

WXP Purdue - Developed by Dan Vietor, contains weather products with supplemental explanatory resources.

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