Veteran's Day Snowstorm
contributors to case study development

Below is a list of those who contributed to the development of the Veteran's Day Snowstorm case study in the WW2010 case study archive. We greatly appreciate the efforts of those who contributed to the development of this module.

WW2010 Personnel:
Bruce Rose - Module Developer - diagram and image construction, text and content developer. Responsible for layout, organization and associated helper resources. Implemented text, graphics and format modifications as recommended by the Content Reviewer.

Dave Kristovich - Content Reviewer - Professional Scientist at Illinois State Water Survey and Lead Principal Investigator of project LAKE-ICE in 1997-98 who edited Module text and diagrams for scientific accuracy.

Ed Kieser - Content Reviewer - Radio meteorologist at WILL-580 AM Champaign, IL who also edited Module text and diagrams for scientific accuracy.

Steven E. Hall - Content Editor - Text revisions and design suggestions.

Selected Images and Photographs:
For resources not developed by the University of Illinois, DAS/UIUC has been granted permission to display these resources for educational purposes only, on a non-profit basis. Images may be viewed directly from the CD-ROM or the WW2010 web site (http://ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu/). Credit is given to the resource owner in attached captions. Copyright is wholly retained by the owner. Please contact the copyright owners directly for any situation involving the use of images outside of the web server and this CD-ROM. We would like to thank the following for permission to use their photographs and images in the WW2010 web server.

Cleveland Plain Dealer -
WSI Intellicast -
Laven, Lorra -
Emiel and Sylvie Bon -
(216) 999-4800

The following publications and people were referenced at one time or another during the development of the Veteran's Day Snowstorm case study.

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Internet Resources:
We would like to acknowledge the following Internet resources for their contributions to the development of the Veteran's Day Snowstorm case study.

GLERL - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.
NWS - National Weather Service, Cleveland, OH.
NWS - National Weather Service, Marquette, MI.

Internet Resources Referenced:
The following web locations were referenced at one time or another during the development of the Veteran's Day Snowstorm case study.

Lake Effect Study - description
Pittsburgh AWIPS/Pathfinder case on les
Rapid scan imagery used in lake effect case
CRAS experimental model
Great Lakes weather newsletter
An IRIS recap of the Vet. Day's storm
Lake-effect storm "Gary" on Dec 9-10, 1997
Remote sensing imagery from Michigan Tech
Summary of the 95/96 les season from area NWSFO at MQT
Case study of a mid-lake band
LES highlights from aviation meteorology standpoint.
CLE NWSFO writeup on Nov 9-14th LES case.
Good recap of Dec 95 winter events by National Climate Center.
Multiple IR imagery for observing lake-effect snows - from Penn State University.
OSU coupled Lake - Atmosphere Model
A different coupled lake - atmosphere model by NCAR
Feb 5, 1995 lake-effect case using GOES-8 imagery
PSU discussion of Nov 8, 1995 les case from Norman Mesoscale Conference
Kristovich and Laird paper on boundary layer structure and snowfall rate.
Great Lakes forecasting page
Very nice form for retrieving GLFS archived products since 1993.
From the GOES 8 Page; snowfield on 11/15/96 near Lake Erie.
- Verifies > 36" found in good stretch on eastern lake shore and inland.
University of Wisconsin - Madison homepage for their non-hydrostatic mesoscale model
January 11-13, 1997 Lake Effect snowstorm - From Penn State University.

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