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Welcome to the WW2010 Online Guides, the next evolution phase of our web-based instructional resources. Formerly known as the Guide to Meteorology, we are expanding these resources beyond the scope of meteorology to other disciplines like climate, remote sensing and global change. We will attempt to present these topics not as individual sciences, but as integral components of a much larger system, learning about the planet on which we live. Available Online Guides include:

Last Update: 09/02/99
Instructional modules that introduce topics in meteorology from fronts to El Niño.

Remote Sensing
Instructional modules that introduce remote sensing technologies and their applications in meteorology.

Reading and Interpreting Weather Maps
Instructional resources that provide valuable information for the correct interpretation of weather products accessible (or soon to be accessible) from WW2010.

Projects & Activities
Curriculum aids that provide teachers with a blueprint for integrating web-based educational resources into the classroom.

The Online Guides use multimedia technology and the dynamic capabilities of the web. These resources incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio and video to introduce topics and concepts for a wide variety of disciplines. Selected pages link to (or will soon link to) current weather products, allowing the user to apply what the user has learned to real-time weather data. The Online Guides are an important component of the WW2010 Hybrid Multimedia Environment. Not only are they a part of this web server, but they are also (or will soon be) available for local access via educational CD-ROM.

The target audience for the Online Guides is high school and undergraduate level students. However, these resources have been used by instructors throughout K-12, undergraduate and graduate level education. Contents of the Online Guides were developed by graduate students and faculty through our efforts in the Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis), which was funded by the National Science Foundation. These resources have been reviewed by faculty and scientists at the University of Illinois and the Illinois State Water Survey. Many of these resources were tested in a classroom environment and have been modified based upon teacher and student feedback.

The navigation menu (left) for this resource is called "Online Guides" and the available guides are listed as menu items, beginning with this introduction. In addition, this entire web server is accessible in both "graphics" and "text"-based modes, a feature controlled from the blue "User Interface" menu (located beneath the black navigation menus). More information about the user interface options, the navigation system, or WW2010 in general is accessible from About This Server.

Terms for using data resources. CD-ROM available.
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